We took care of you! The app now supports the iPhone & iPad.

Universal App

Save the videos with effects!


One Touch Brightness and Contrast Control)


Watch Movies online!


The app

Movie Player + is a state of the art, real time video editing app for iOS devices. Movie Player + allows to edit movies, add effects to movies, download and share movies.


“One Touch Brightness and Contrast Control” allows adjusting brightness and contrast in a single touch.

3D Effects

Add 3d effects in real time with Red/Cyan glasses.

And tons of other features!

Upload, save and share: Upload movies directly to dropbox and iTunes. Save and watch edited movies to camera roll

Effects and Filter: Gray scale, Retro look, Vignette, Cartoonize, Pseudo Rotoscope, Pixelate

Specials. Use Head Up Display (HUD) to project movies to windshield, windows and similar

What Other People Are Saying About Movie Player for iPhone?

This App is really nice and I am liking it.

-Anna-Sunyanyan, Germany